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    10 August 2016 Back

    The ergonomics of each product we design is as considered as the engineering and aesthetic. These three elements are what make our furniture, lending our products perfectly to healthcare and meeting their fundamental requirements.

    In a recent project for a private hospital a selection of our products are featured, from our Brompton, Hampton, Lucca, City, Boston, Oslo and Chevy Collections. From our research, the healthcare market is looking to make its sterile, clinical environment more comfortable and relaxing for the patients, especially in the waiting and reception areas. It is vital that these environments promote relaxation and wellbeing. Within our product offering we are able to use our expertise in the hospitality market and combine it with the practical considerations of the healthcare environment, creating calming and comfortable interiors for patients and visitors.

    In situations such as care homes, where patients may be sat for long periods of time, high-density core foam can be specified to withstand the continuous weight and pressure. The exact foam density and thickness would vary depending on the specific application of the product.

    With our expertise we can advise on suitable fabrics, which have anti-stain and antimicrobial qualities. We are also able to offer antibacterial lacquers where cleanliness and infection control is of upmost importance. 

    Furniture design in the healthcare industry not only needs to be directed at patients, but also at the nurses and visitors, both of which often spend very long hours working and waiting, creating a need for comfortable, supportive environments. Our recent product launch of the Manhattan Nap Booth, designed by Katerina Zachariades, is one solution to this problem, providing a haven of calm where visitors can rest.


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