We, at Morgan, have always been concerned by sustainability and the environmental impact of our activities, as well as our social responsibility to the wider community.

We have the Environmental Management System ISO14001 which is the most effective tool for any company serious about minimising environmental risks, meeting legislative requirements and demonstrating corporate governance. We lead in the principles of Lean Manufacture with its focus on the elimination of Eight Wastes, and this has been an extremely effective tool for improving our environmental performance, involving our team, and optimising efficiency in all our processes.

Our company gives consideration to designing furniture so as to reduce its overall environmental impact throughout its life cycle. We continually assess the environmental impact of our operations and through minimising the use of materials and resources, we will reduce our wastage to the lowest practical level.

We source much of our timber from European and UK sustainable estates that are controlled with felling licenses and given PEFC/FSC certification. The logs are air dried, kilned and conditioned for between four months and two years which produces high quality timber suitable for furniture making. Working with Morgan, our customers can be confident they are partnering a company fully committed and assessed to the environmental cause. As a company we are involved with local schools, colleges and universities nationally and are dedicated to investing in education.

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