Care & OriginalityThis book is a quiet celebration of the achievements of the Morgan Team to date. As our team has grown and strengthened in recent years, this too will be a milestone against which we measure the future and our plans to do more, better. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Specification Sheets

2D CAD Files

3D CAD Files

3D Revit Files




Table Edge ProfileWe offer 11 standard edge profiles.

T1 Square

T2 Bullnose

T3 Thumbmould

T5 Radius to underside, 10mm

T6 Radius to underside, 30mm

T7 Reverse Chamfer with 10mm radius

T8 Reverse Chamfer with 5mm radius

T9 Reverse Chamfer

T19 Deep Chamfer

T10 Deep Square Edge - costed on request

T11 Storm Edge


Table Tops - BespokeNon-standard tops and edge specifications are available upon request. Please ask our Sales Office for details.

Table Tops As Standard

Our table tops are constructed with a 25mm core. We provide three table top finishes as standard.


Veneered MDFA timber veneer over high density MDF with an exposed MDF edge, which is stained to your polish colour specification and then finished with a clear severe rated lacquer.

This is suitable for bar, lounge and reception areas or where occasional use occurs. We would not recommend this finish is specified in areas of heavy contract use where the table could be subject to mishandling, cigarette burns and marking.

Where lighter timber polish colours of P30 Natural Beech or P54 Light Oak are specified, we recommend that solidwood lipping is also selected.


Solidwood LippingA timber veneer over high density MDF with a solid timber edge which is stained to your polish colour specification and then finished with a clear severe rated lacquer.

The solid timber edge provides a more robust protection against knocks and impact damage as well as giving the appearance of a solid timber top.

Please refer to details on ‘Veneered MDF’ above for areas of use.


Realwood LaminateA natural timber laminate over high density MDF with an exposed MDF edge, stained to a selection of standard colours. Trade names include Woodlam, Oberflex & Polyrey.

This specification will provide the highest level of heat resistance, including cigarette burns and impact damage and is therefore ideal for heavy contract use, more formal dining and conference or function areas.

As standard we provide this with a polished MDF edge profiled to your selected edge detail. If lighter timber polish colours of P30 Natural Beech or P54 Light Oak are specified we recommend that the solidwood lipping is also selected.

Polish Colours

P54 Light Oak
P54 Light Oak
P55 Medium Oak
P55 Medium Oak
P36 Dark Oak
P36 Dark Oak
P30 Natural Beech
P30 Natural Beech
P33 Dark Mahogany
P33 Dark Mahogany
P38 Teak
P38 Teak
P37 Walnut
P37 Walnut
P56 Limed Oak*
P56 Limed Oak*
P59 Grey Oak
P59 Grey Oak
P60 Black
P60 Black
P70 White
P70 White

Glass Colours

Furniture Maintenance

GeneralAny coating applied on wood is only as durable as the wood itself. As a natural product, wood will always need more care than some man made surfaces, such as laminates.

It must be borne in mind that even the best lacquer, correctly applied, remains a thin coat of protective material and may eventually break down. The life of the coating is beyond the control of the manufacturer and cannot be guaranteed.
Silicone polishes, such as wax polish or those delivered by spray cans, must not be used as these create a film on the lacquer which discolours when hot or damp implements are placed on it. The following basic instructions may help you and your customers prolong the life of our products.


Furniture frame finishes– Chairs and table bases are finished with pre-catalysed lacquers), which are medium duty and conform to BS6250 General Use.
– They offer basic protection against water, heat and abrasion.
– They are not synthetic finishes and can only offer a limited protection against damage. Please note General, point 2, above).

The following guidelines should be followed when maintaining these products:

Chemical Cleaners should not be used. Use only warm water and soap and do not soak the surface for a long period (Remove any excess water immediately). Silicone polishes such as those delivered by spray cans should not be used. Avoid dragging objects on the surfaces as this will result in scratching which may only be removed by refinishing. Clean all food or liquid spillage as they occur. The longer they remain on the surface the more potential damage could result.

Table top finishesWe offer table tops in veneered MDF, wood effect or plastic laminate, Realwood laminate, Hush and glass. All veneered tops are finished with two coats of Acid Catalysed Lacquer. This is of Severe Rating (FIRA 6250) for contract quality. (Please note General, point 2, above).

The following guidelines should be followed when maintaining table tops:

Chemical cleaners should not be used. Use only warm soapy water and remove any excess water immediately. For laminate tops, follow the same guidelines as above. For more stubborn stains, a mild detergent can be used. For the Hush finish, which is a thinly padded vinyl offered in our Lockinlyne range, a soft cloth and warm soapy water should be used. This finish is designed to be used with a tablecloth. Glass tops may stain or adhere to timber if spillages are allowed to dry. They can be loosened using warm water and cleaned using a glass cleaner.


Upholstery and fabricsAlways refer to the fabric manufacturers’ instructions for specific information. Not all contract fabrics are Scotchguarded by the manufacturers. Upholstered cushions should be regularly brushed or vacuumed. Accumulated dust and grit can reduce the life and dull the colours of fabrics. Vacuum or brush upholstery regularly but never use a stiff brush as this could damage the fibres. Chemicals, detergents and fabric polishes should never be used on PVC as these can remove the plasticiser and cause cracking. The surface can be cleaned with a tepid solution of pure soap followed by rinsing and drying with a clean dry cloth.

Marine Quality Mark


  • Prime/first quality beech from sustainably managed European forestries.
  • Kiln dried to 10-12% moisture content.
  • Sofas: Birch plywood for panels and solid beech for rails and fixing blocks.
  • Mortise and tenon joints or dowel joints used where appropriate.
  • Corner blocks glued and screwed, using stainless steel or brass fixings and pinned.
  • Glue: PVA.
  • Felt or nylon glides, as appropriate.
  • All fixings to be rust proof, aluminium or marine grade stainless steel.



  • 12mm Scandinavian plywood for upholstered pad seats.
  • 10-12mm constructional birch ply when pre-formed and upholstered.



  • Jute webbing for back upholstery.
  • Texweb 2” elastic webbing for seat upholstery where applicable.



  • Fire retardant foam CMHR Reflex for all upholstery except loose cushions.
  • Fire retardant foam CMHR Reflex. Moulds made in combination of R340-R650 density and firmness.
  • Fibre filled loose back cushions re sofa beds.
  • Feather loose cushions re scatter cushions.


  • Acid-catalysed lacquer, two coats, on all chairs. Table tops – 2 coats of lacquer on underside and 3 coats of lacquer on face side.
  • Sealer stains to standard or special colours.



  • Polyester wadding (Dacron) for outside backs of upholstered models.
  • Polyester wadding CM for cushion and seat wrap.
  • Hessian lining for upholstered backs.
  • Black synthetic FR lining under seats.



  • Cover, including any fabric, vinyl, faux leather and leather to specification. Only contract specifications acceptable. However this should be treated by the material manufacturer where possible. 40,000 min martindale.
  • Back coating or FR interliner to meet IMO specification. IMO A652 (16) and IMO FTPC Part 8 (Upholstery).
  • All specified upholstery materials are checked for compliance to IMO standards.


Table Tops

  • 25mm MDF oak veneered for light stains.
  • 25mm MDF eucalyptus veneered for mahogany stains.
  • 25mm MDF ash, beech, cherry, mahogany or oak veneered with sold wood lipping.
  • Standard laminates in woodgrain: beech, light oak, medium oak, cherry or mahogany.
  • 35mm or 50mm solid lipping edges also available.
  • 6mm or 10mm toughened glass as appropriate. BS EN 12150 part 1.


Morgan Terms

As a design-led furniture manufacturer utilising British craftsmanship and modern technology we are constantly enhancing our product portfolio, production quality standards and customer service levels. Should you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our sales office.


DesignWe have a highly qualified team who design our collections and who can advise on the practicality and ergonomics of modified or bespoke chair designs.
In addition our CAD facilities, and long experience in the furniture industry, allow us to help you space plan using dimensioned floor plan layouts.


Specification & Design CopyrightAll sizes are nominal and may vary slightly. These may be altered without notice in view of our policy of continuous improvement. If any size is critical, please state this on your order.
The sale of any goods by the company to the customer does not confer any right of license upon the customer to use, exploit or to otherwise utilise any intellectual property right subsisting in or relating to the goods of which the company is otherwise entitled. The unauthorised copying of any of our designs, which are protected by design copyright, may give rise to legal action.


SamplesShould you require further literature, timber polish samples or sample furniture for your project please contact our sales office.


Order ProcessingOur sales office is open: Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 5.15pm Friday 8.45am to 4.30pm Please ensure your order is in writing and includes all the relevant information relating to polish colour, dimensions and upholstery fabric. We cannot process orders until this is received.


DeliveryOrders with a nett value in excess of £2500.00 will be delivered FREE (single phase / tailgate) to any business premises in England, Wales and Southern Scotland, and assumes free and adequate vehicle access. Tailgate delivery means a single manned vehicle delivery of goods to the designated business address and assumes the availability of local labour to off-load and transfer goods into the relevant premises.
Where you require delivery on a specific day or time, or installation of furniture, a separate quotation will be given. Orders with a nett sales value of less than £2500.00 will be subject to a delivery charge. For other areas and for Exports please request a quotation


Settlement termsCredit accounts are payable within 30 days from date of invoice.


Standard Terms and ConditionsWe draw your attention to the Terms and Conditions of Sale provided to you with the Credit Account Application Form, and which are the standard terms recommended by the British Contract Furnishing Association. All prices are exclusive of VAT.


UpholsteryUpholstery requirements are based on 1400mm width with no repeat. Should specified upholstery fabrics differ from this, we will advise you of the revised quantity required. To simplify the ordering process, we would be pleased to obtain the specified upholstery on your behalf and invoice as upholstered furniture.

However, if you wish to supply a specified upholstery fabric (COM) or leather, including suede alcantara and vinyl, (COL) to Morgan Contract Furniture – Free issue, please ensure that samples of all specified materials are provided with your order. The material quantities required should be received at our factory no later than 15 working days prior to the agreed delivery date.

NB: It is our policy to work with the contract quality upholstery that you may specify, however, we cannot accept responsibility for the suitability or performance of upholstery. We recommend that you obtain advice from your projects local Fire Officer and certification from the upholstery supplier prior to confirming your specification.

Flame RetardancyWe only use Reflex foams suitable for the commercial environment. When specifying fabrics please ensure that they meet the flame retardancy requirements of your project as we cannot accept that responsibility.



Test CertificatesWe can supply a flame retardancy certificate for foam and fabric on request. This has to be requested with your order confirmation. The tests take approximately three weeks and the charges will be invoiced to you. Please allow extra time for delivery of the finished goods.


Fabric SuitabilityProprietary treatments are commonly applied to most fabrics to give improved levels of stain resistance. We would also recommend that the Abrasion or Wear Test performance of the fabric, is carefully considered should regular cleaning of heavily soiled items be required.
General fabric cleaning advice and instructions are available from our Sales Office.
As a guide to minimum Wear Test Levels: Bedroom Loose Furniture: 40,000 + Martindale Rubs Bar Lounge & Dining Areas: 50,000 + Martindale Rubs General Public Areas: 60,000 + Martindale Rubs


Wood FinishesUsing the finest quality kiln-dried hardwood from managed European and North American forestries.
Our tables are also available with a variety of surface finishes. Limitations of the printing process of veneers and laminates, together with variations in natural materials means that brochure depictions of colour will be approximate.
We offer a standard range of 12 polish colours.
Should you wish us to match with a non standard colour, or a previous order, a sample must be provided by yourself and our subsequent sample match approved by you. You must allow at least 5 working days for this process.
Please note that colours between batches may differ slightly.

Standard Polish Colours P30 Natural Beech P33 Dark Mahogany P54 Light Oak P55 Medium oak P56 Limed Oak P36 Dark Oak P37 Walnut P38 Teak P59 Grey Oak P60 Black P70 White
Non Standard Colour From £150.00 per colour

All of our ranges are available in species timber of Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Maple, as well as Beech. Only where Beech is specified can the colour options, above, be applied.


Product Type