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Morgan London
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Morgan London

From Street to Showroom

Remi Rough CDW

The event

We were thrilled to have British abstract graffiti artist Remi Rough return to our showroom for this years CDW to create an inspiring art installation across our double height wall; Inline with our focus on Wellbeing, CDW visitors were invited to consider the importance of art in the workplace.

The creation of Diptych_1 at 1 Dallington Street


'Diptych_01' by Remi Rough

Art Installation


The story behind the mural

“I painted my first wall around 32 years ago, I like painting walls. They can’t tell lies or hide anything. They’re also free. Public art is free to you.” Remi explained that many people think of his work as street art. But it isn’t. He comes from the world of graffiti art which started around 43 years ago. It is the only art form that has been created and taken forward by children. It has evolved into different genres like graphic design, but for him it started with graffiti. Sometimes with permission and sometimes not!

Adapting to the space is an important aspect of Remi’s work. ‘You don’t always get a flat surface” he says. You may find parts of the wall are damp or, as was the case recently for a project in Marrakesh, the wall may be falling apart and in need of being taped back together. For Remi, this challenge adds to the experience and installation, so he loves a difficult wall with features such as window ledges and architraves.

Remi Rough CDW

Inspiration and “public” art

Our MD, Rodney, asked Remi what inspired this latest work for Morgan and how it fits with the theme of wellbeing in the workplace. Remi has a strong connection with primary colours, believing this comes from childhood, and is why people engage with them.

Whether interior or exterior painting, Remi does not always sign his work. For him, it is enough to know that he did it and he enjoys overhearing people’s reactions. He told the audience about a mural he painted in Dulwich, which was a re-interpretation of Rembrandt’s ‘Girl at a Window’. A local resident complained to Remi and said she did not like the mural, as it did not represent the local community. Sometime later he went back with a friend and whilst taking photos, the same resident appeared and demanded to know ’Why are you taking a picture of our mural?’

Remi Rough CDW

So what about the importance of art in our workplace? Having enjoyed Remi’s work on our main gallery wall for just a few weeks we cannot imagine painting over it anytime soon.  It both uplifts and inspires and thus enriches the hours we spend working in our showroom.

The mural will remain for the next few months, so please do pop by to experience it before it disappears!

Watch the installation video. <

Remi Rough - 'Diptych_01'
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