David Shillinglaw ‘Alive in the Human Hive’

Morgan London
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Morgan London

David Shillinglaw ‘Alive in the Human Hive’

This year, for our showroom transformation, we invited artist David Shillinglaw back for the second time, following our first collaboration in 2015. An energetic and colourful large-scale art installation, entitled ‘Alive in the Human Hive’, fills our showrooms double height main wall from floor to ceiling. Representing the human landscape, informed by both local and global environments and the ways we experience the planet, the mural includes a number of smaller canvases by David that are for sale.

“We measure mountains with feet and emotions with colours. We are funky little space monkeys, orbiting a ball of boiling hot gas. We jibber-jabber to ourselves and each other on some kind of cosmic spectrum. Seven and a half billion humans. A proud crowd. A team of teeming sapiens, a swarm of warm blooded beings. Planet Earth is a garden and we are the insects.”

“The artworks I make are an absurd visual taxonomy, listing in no particular order the ingredients that we all consume and produce. Everyday we fill ourselves up and empty ourselves out, physically and emotionally, from the highest heads of state to the lowest lives, the displaced or imprisoned. We all suffer and celebrate: appetites and desires, fears and misfortunes. How can I paint a picture of the world? The local and the global landscape. Planet Earth is a place so strange, so full of beauty and wonder, mistakes and confusion. This confusion is very important to me, it feeds me and my work. I am weaving a web of images and ideas that overlap, collide and conjure something of the flux and energy that keeps us all moving forward.  Planet earth is spinning through space at 1000 miles per hour. Paintings and drawings help me slow down and fix something in place.”

“I am attempting to join the dots and draw a constellation, mapping my place in the universe. I am a blip in a vast, ever expanding cosmos. It is overwhelming sometimes. I’m looking to lose myself and find myself in a visual vocabulary and grammar that sings a universal song: Relax, You are alive in the human hive.” – David Shillinglaw

For more information about the artist, visit: @davidshillinglaw.

The Private View will be held on the 9th of April from 6-9pm, please RSVP via Eventbrite. The exhibition will then run throughout CDW and summer, so be sure to stop and experience the installation first hand.


Alive in the Human Hive by David Shillinglaw

Art Installation

Expanded Eye ‘Transcend’ Private View
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