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Conscientious Creativity

Achieving style and sustainability through freedom and creative control

Creativity is not a science. It is not based on exact numbers or constraints. Function guides form, allowing it to flourish from concept to finished design, firm in the knowledge that it will deliver not only pleasure but also utilitarian preciseness. And while creativity thrives on freedom to create, building a business such as ours upon it, demands a different kind of liberty, the freedom to control.

But how can these concepts of liberty and dominance, which naturally sit across the table from each other, co-exist to enable a creative business to thrive? Orchestrated harmoniously, we believe they enable possibility, positivity and purpose. These are the pillars supporting our processes, allowing us to exist beyond the ‘contract furniture’ brand. We are in the business of craftsmanship, of creativity and conscientious creation. 

Too lofty sounding, perhaps, coming from a business that simply designs furniture. But this higher purpose allows us to define every aspect of how we work, internally and externally, offering products and relationships that start from a place of honesty and truth. Every piece of furniture is imbued with this sense of transparency and respect, enabling us to function holistically, as a truly sustainable business.

We are guided by a LEAN philosophy, a business compass that allows award winning creativity to blossom within a carefully controlled manufacturing framework. From our factory in Hampshire we’ve worked with local businesses for over 30 years to utilise only what we need to ensure we manufacture every piece to order, without waste. Our trees are cultivated sustainably in the UK and Europe, surplus foam is returned for recycling, fabric is either donated to charities or reused in our Reupholstery programme, to give new life to clients’ pieces.

Our manufacturing process is UK based only, ensuring not only control over every key point in the manufacturing journey, but also the space to nurture long standing relationships with our partners. This operational efficiency keeps our manufacturing smooth and sustainable while keeping our costs competitive.

“Strongly established business relationships, nurtured over time with our suppliers, allow us to offer more competitive pricing. ”

But how does our manufacturing efficacy translate into possibilities for our end clients? The advantages are many.

A combination of control over our UK based supply chains and relationships with local businesses ensure our orders and our clients aren’t beholden to the potential for instability brought on by international imports, avoiding impact in costs, lead times and delivery. 

Strongly established business relationships, nurtured over time with our suppliers, allow us to offer more competitive pricing, which in turn impacts our clients’ budgets positively. We have successfully maintained our pricing consistent for two consecutive years, offering a kind of creative and financial stability that is rare in an industry, such as ours. 

“A partnership with us allows our clients to deliver a truly sustainable offering. ”

With a manufacturing infrastructure that supplies products only when our clients place an order (guaranteeing delivery within 6 weeks), we enable our design teams to create freely, without having to work within unsold stock or trend limitations; every piece we design is timeless and bespoke to our clients’ briefs.

A partnership with us also allows our clients to deliver a truly sustainable offering. Our values of responsibility and transparency translate into a business that understands the importance of its raw-material provenance, conscientiously crafting furniture using certified wood, foam and fabric necessary to meet the demands of individual orders, cutting down not only on emissions, but also on waste.   

As an independently owned, award-winning design business, we are empowered by the freedom to create with passion and purpose. Our creativity is conscious and carefully controlled, offering a partnership with our clients that delivers more than just somewhere stylish to sit on, but also so much to think about.

Whatever the stage of your project, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you; to understand the intricacies of your proposal, the constraints of your budget and the ambitions of your vision. Our ambition is to become a business and a creative partner that supports every part of your process, nurturing a relationship that becomes as timeless as our work. 

Get in touch with our design-lead sales specialists to request our price list or book a factory tour to meet our teams and see how we work: info@morganfurniture.co.uk 

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